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Meet Your Advisors

Working closely with the Academic Advising Center will help you access resources for your education and help you achieve your academic goals.

At the Academic Advising Center, there are Advisors and Peer Advisors(PA) for your majors to serve UAC students.

Heidi Kim, MBA

Undergraduate Student Advisor (Psychology/ Urban Ecology / Electrical & Computer Engineering)
 Location: U738

Alexis Choi

Undergraduate Student Advisor (Communication / Civil & Environmental Engineering)
 Location: U739

SuHyen Heather Um, M.Ed

Sr. Undergraduate Student Advisor (Film & Media Arts / Undecided / Other)
 Location: U740

Mandatory Advising Program

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisors at any time with questions or concerns about academics or progress toward their degree. At certain points in every student’s academic career, they are required to meet with an advisor to continue attending classes. Students who do not meet with an advisor at these times will have an academic hold placed on their records, preventing them from registering for future semesters.

1. First Year Milestone Advising

Because interacting with an academic advisor early in your university career leads to college success and completion, we require that new first year students meet with an advisor at their first semester.

Students admitted as new freshman and who are in their first semester of enrollment at the UAC are required to meet with an advisor at their first semester.

No completion of First Year advising: May 15th for Spring admitted students or November 15th for Fall admitted students, a registration hold will be placed on your record preventing you from registering for following semesters.

2. Undeclared with 60+ Credits

Students with 60+ credit hours and at least 2 prior terms of enrollment who have not yet declared a major are required to meet with their major advisor in the Academic Advising Center.

3. Transition to Salt Lake Campus

Students applying for transitioning to SL must meet with their advisor for filing transition form.
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Academic advising is a learning process and partnership between the student and advisor. So that you can participate in this learning experience:

  • Log into Campus Information Systems (CIS), click on "My Degree Dashboard", generate and review your Degree Audit. You and your advisor will discuss your Degree Audit in your appointment.
  • Bring ideas for your class schedule.
  • Compile a list of your questions.
  • Ensure your AP, IB and concurrent enrollment credits have been posted. View instructions to post credit.
How to make an academic appointment
  1. Click “Book An Appointment” under the advisors or go to the web page:
  2. Create your login ID and pass words: make sure you use your UID
  3. Login with your UID and passwords
  4. Select drop down menu of “Academic Advising Center”
  5. Select the advisor you are willing to meet
  6. Select the time that you are available in white box
  7. Type your UID, phone number, and the topic you would like to talk about with your advisor
  8. Appointment is set!
  9. Be on time for the appointment in U738-740

*Walk-ins are available to meet with peer advisors

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