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International Student Orientation

Prior to New Student Orientation, which is open to all students, International Student Orientation (ISO) caters specifically to newly arrived international students to help you settle into your new home. This orientation provides important information about your visa, the Korean health insurance system, banking, Korean culture, your acculturation to Korea, and more.

Date: August 19, 2022 / 12pm to 6pm
Location: TBD
Lunch will be provided.

During ISO, you’ll meet UAC staff and other international students, learn about practical resources and aspects of Korean culture, and more.

Before classes start, our International Student Diplomats will take you on a tour of campus and the local neighborhood.

After classes start, our Immigration Specialist will arrange for all new international students to visit the immigration office to apply for their Resident Card. You will receive more information via email.


Do I have to attend the International Student Orientation?
  • Yes, students who are not citizens of Korea are required to attend. Partial attendance will not satisfy the requirement. Students unable to attend for circumstances beyond their control should contact the International Programs Coordinator immediately (


When can I register for courses at the UAC?
  • First-semester Utah students are required to attend the New Student Orientation (usually the Thursday after the International Student Orientation). During the New Student Orientation, first-semester students will learn about how to register for courses and are then given access to register for courses the next Friday.
  • Transfer Utah students can make an appointment with the UAC academic advisors to determine when course registration is possible. Click here to make an appointment (note: you will need to have your Umail and uNID activated).
  • Learning Abroad Utah students are able to register for classes once their campus location in CIS is switched to UAC status. While not required, Learning Abroad students from the SLC campus can make an appointment with a UAC academic advisor by clicking here. For questions, please contact the International Programs Coordinator.