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The Utah Asia Campus offers students a multitude of opportunities to explore personal and professional interests outside of the classroom.

New Student Programs & Orientation

Starting from orientation, we have new students covered. The first year is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time for many college students. Find out more about the resources and programs the Utah Asia Campus offers to help you succeed from day one.

International Students

We welcome all students from outside of Korea to study at the Utah Asia Campus.

Career & Internship Development Center

Before UAC students know it, they will be graduating and applying for jobs. UAC students can access the Career and Internship Development Center (CIDC) starting their freshmen year to develop their resume and cover letter, attend career development workshops, learn about internships, and receiving 1:1 career coaching.

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Residence Life

Student Life at the UAC starts in our academic building and extends into the student dormitories. Learn about life in the dorms, resources available for students living on campus, and student leadership opportunities through Residence Life.

Wellness & Mental Health

For Utah Asia Campus students to be their best, they need to take care of their mental and physical wellbeing. Learn about resources for mental health counseling, campus fitness centers, and wellness programming.

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Scholarships & Financial Aid

At the University of Utah Asia Campus, we reward outstanding applicants for their academic excellence, leadership capacity, extracurricular activities, and commitment to community as well as awards and other non-academic factors.

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Transition to SLC

One of the unique aspects of being a Utah Asia Campus student is our 3+1 model. Here are some resources and information on how to plan for your eventual transition to the Salt Lake City campus. It’s never too early to prepare!

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Student Life Policies

Students at the University of Utah Asia Campus are held to a high standard in and out of the classroom. Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a University of Utah community member.

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Behavior Intervention

With students facing high levels of stress in their lives, faculty and staff may encounter students whose behaviors are concerning, disruptive, or threatening towards themselves or others. In an effort to respond to the safety needs of the campus, the University of Utah Asia Campus has established the Behavioral Intervention protocols.