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Career Development Programs

Let us guide you in creating a roadmap of your Career Development to increase your chances of reaching your personal and professional goals by standing out from the rest of your competition.

  • Resume & Cover Letter Workshop
  • Mock Interview Training Program (Basic & Immersive)
  • Career Development Discussion Workshop

Alumni Journey / Motivational Speakers / Job Fairs

"Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking 'what's in it for me?'"

  • Being a winner / Stress management
  • How to be a good role model
  • Why is it ok to fail?

Self Development Workshops

Explore who you are as an individual and who you would like to become in the future. Analyze your personality/ behavior/ strengths to set your future expectations and standards.

  • MBTI/ Strengths' Finder/ Quantum Success/ Lego Serious Play
  • Career Anchors/ My personal band-box/ Strengths' Finder
  • Leadership/ Presentation/ Teamwork

1 v 1

Anything related to job searching/ career development is both physically and mentally draining. Consult with your CIDC Assistant Director to turn your worries into motivation.

Resumes, interviews, worries, concerns - anything you have on your mind, the CIDC is here to help.